Black Friday rape, new watch!!!

normal friday TAXING fags day !

6 victims already down but something was not complete ….

a uk slut come and beg to serve Me a early X MAS gift …

didn’t know what was it …

after 5 min I look in My list and the fucking TISSOT watch was purchased!

fuck yes ….another watch to BO$$ collection ….cos I deserve the best …and fuck the rest !


skype= masterstero



Soon on Tour again Germany, Paris, Amsterdam, ready to be my real time slave?

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skype= masterstero

700 drained on a Football night

was a normal night … champions league football at tv .. didn’t plan any fags to rape …. but this german slave come on Skype …and say hello .. and ask if I have a photo with Me on a ball feet in front

I hit him with a photo then he made a bet with Me … saying I will not resist all the match sitting on one ball watching tv with different shoes in feet !

so the bet start …each minute he had to pay 5 euro …things going well cash coming to BOSS wallet …. after 30 min we rise the bet … if I can sit on 2 ballscash come even faster he was so panicated …. he didn’t believe I can sit so much on that fucking balls in the end of match …slave was ruined ! 715 in BOSS pocket and guess what he buy even a fucking plane ticket to visit him live !! this is power …fucking BOSS is the BEST ! but as he was ABOUT TO GO …. I told him …. I want fucking more ! fucking greedy BO$$$

Who is next? Skype= masterstero


SPA damage

friday … I woke up with the mood for a SPA relax …

when I arrive there I open MY fucking skype on phone ..

and surprise this loser fag “ fuckhead penishead “ said hello .

He didn’t realise the mistake and what will come next …and keep going

… asking “What IM doing and where IM “.

I made a selfie and send him the photo with ME in the jacuzzi ….

this fag lose it and start beging to pay for the all SPA bill …

but u don’t escape from BOSS with only one BILL ..

he was put in his place and drained multiple times !

until he realize he remain with no fucking cash for the weekend !

with amuse Me cos I wanted more and more …

this is the fucking SPA day …

going home with a full wallet

and relaxed while this penishead fag starv and flush in the fucking toilet!!!

skype: masterstero

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