March 2017

“ Is funny how things go when u are the fucking BOSS . So is a typical simple day …I call it football night , was planing to bet some matches , when I hear the skype … guess what , a fucking slave just contact Me saying he is back from vacation and he need some action . Well in 2 sec cam was open and the humialtion start and then it hit Me : why not to show to this loser the journey of a simple drain . So I force him to pay then I open my phone video and take him with \Me to atm … the camera was on the skrill card where I just took his cash …Bang insert the skrill card in the ATM ..the fag see it and get nuts ! then when he saw the cash in MY hands he could not take it and send one more more tribute ! at the end I flip him the middle finger and fuck of him out like a shit ! ahahaha a good day for BOSS … more power more cash !”

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