Hard punishment for Nr.1 Loser

“ One thing is clear for all fags ! they must be punished with no mercy . Again the nr 1 Loser has the fucking luck to be traped on a fucking master /slave game ! this bitch loser was traped home … had work …but once he said HELLO … his chances to be drained go from 1 to 100 .So what u see in the photo that is the fucking HANG-FAG position . fag is hang from neck to the ballz … each time he pay he must pull the tie and stretch his ballz ! But the game was like this …. lets expose this photo on some sites and pay 2 euro for each fucking like on the photo .. so 4 hours the loser sit in that position no wc , no eat no drink … sit like a pice of shit and suffer ! 40 likes the photo got at the end of 4 h …loser was cashraped ..paid for his humialtion and remain more loser like he start it ! NO MERCY no remorse ! just humiliation and drain to ZERO .. fuck yes ..ahah”


Friday nite taxing

“ friday fucking night …relaxing … this fucking german whore … text Me on whatsupp… believe it or not he was at a party at his friend house , so he sit at the table and ask Me on whatsupp : “ BOSS if I go to toilet will u force Me intox with poppers ? “ . Well I said sure … so during the party the whore goes to toilet …we video call on whatsupp …and the fucking intox with poppers begin …30 seconds ..fag was fucked ! push him to open his wallet and took his cash . All was good but after 20 min guess what … I suggest to this whore atm pig to go in his friend each room of house and intox + cashrape him ! So the game begin …each 30 min he go to living room (30 sec sniff and 50 euro drain ) , then master bedroom ( same drain) , second toilet , fucking garage , kitchen ( here he was force to drink a shot also poppers + cashrape 50 ) . Was something very spontaneous , he risk a lot and the adrenaline to not be couth in the act ..the whore atm was drained hard and learn one lesson …NO MATTER WHERE U ARE … BOSS has the control ! “


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