Wedding and cash rape

What sup bitches !

So I had a fucking weeding this weekend (as a guest don’t worry hahahah),

usually at romanian weddings u give cash as gift !

well I was on my way home…when again LOSER FAG contact Me …

ask Me how IM and then it hits Me … LOSER like humialtion …

middle fingers in his face ..force drain .

So I frow this challenge 5 euro for each fucking middle finger from different guy ’s

( wedding had 200 guests ! ) of course with photo prove .

So wedding start … and boom first middle finger come from the groum

..ahhahaha…counts triple ! I waited the guests to drink good …

then all fucking start showing middle fingers with no fucking question

… screaming TAKE THAT LOSER CASH ! one after another …

a rain of middle fingers in the LOSER FACE …

at some point he feel the pressure of losing he GIVE UP …

at 29 midle fingers … FUCK WAS FUN FOR ME !

had a good time at wedding and fucking drain him for 150 in one click !

MORE POWER more fucking games for fags !

SERVE THE BEST ! BO$$ rules !

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