x-mas gifts from fags

x- mas gift At my fucking feet , collected from u sluts … you know i like the best quality Cos i dersevre it .. is still time FOR more .. fucking Yes i like my Boss life and u fucking atm feet sniffers on the flor serving more and more .. will be in Paris from 24 dec to 5 jan .. geniue local slaves can contact me FOR live meetings



Cashrape in Germany

My trip to Germany was success,

humiliated a slave realtime,

sit this loser totally flat and put my sweaty feet in his face,

every time the slave needs a break, cause he needs to breath,

taxed him 100 Euro, haha 8 rounds, easy 800 Euro for Bo$$.

Then I made this loser to buy me new stuff in an Outlet Center.

Who will be next under my feet?

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Black Friday rape, new watch!!!

normal friday TAXING fags day !

6 victims already down but something was not complete ….

a uk slut come and beg to serve Me a early X MAS gift …

didn’t know what was it …

after 5 min I look in My list and the fucking TISSOT watch was purchased!

fuck yes ….another watch to BO$$ collection ….cos I deserve the best …and fuck the rest !


skype= masterstero



Soon on Tour again Germany, Paris, Amsterdam, ready to be my real time slave?

contact me !!

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700 drained on a Football night

was a normal night … champions league football at tv .. didn’t plan any fags to rape …. but this german slave come on Skype …and say hello .. and ask if I have a photo with Me on a ball feet in front

I hit him with a photo then he made a bet with Me … saying I will not resist all the match sitting on one ball watching tv with different shoes in feet !

so the bet start …each minute he had to pay 5 euro …things going well cash coming to BOSS wallet …. after 30 min we rise the bet … if I can sit on 2 ballscash come even faster he was so panicated …. he didn’t believe I can sit so much on that fucking balls in the end of match …slave was ruined ! 715 in BOSS pocket and guess what he buy even a fucking plane ticket to visit him live !! this is power …fucking BOSS is the BEST ! but as he was ABOUT TO GO …. I told him …. I want fucking more ! fucking greedy BO$$$

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SPA damage

friday … I woke up with the mood for a SPA relax …

when I arrive there I open MY fucking skype on phone ..

and surprise this loser fag “ fuckhead penishead “ said hello .

He didn’t realise the mistake and what will come next …and keep going

… asking “What IM doing and where IM “.

I made a selfie and send him the photo with ME in the jacuzzi ….

this fag lose it and start beging to pay for the all SPA bill …

but u don’t escape from BOSS with only one BILL ..

he was put in his place and drained multiple times !

until he realize he remain with no fucking cash for the weekend !

with amuse Me cos I wanted more and more …

this is the fucking SPA day …

going home with a full wallet

and relaxed while this penishead fag starv and flush in the fucking toilet!!!

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“ Just invent a new punishment for a fag is call “ DAMAGE WEEK “

each fucking day during a week will drain when I want at any hour ….fag must be ready and execute the order !

day by day during a week he will suffer more and more and his wallet will spit more cash for BO$$ … no mercy no fucking remorse ! make him suffer like a pice of shit loser and used like a broke ATM tool !“

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drained to zero by Me

12 new fags been drained to zero by Me … Special the american nigga slut and the german Leatherfag, cam shows and realtime contact me with wallet open:

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Haha and recently made a bet, a slave begged me to sit on his face instead of the football

He promised to resist 5 minutes while I watch champions league on TV, if he gives up before

it cost this loser 300 Euro, guess who won, haha 2 minutes and 300 Euro for Boss!!!

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and look at my new shoes, slaved paid as well!!!



Summer 2016

Bow down your Little fags and Worms, was just in Amsterdam and Bremen to humiliate some slaves realtime, now I am live on skype with my HD Webcam worship my huge feet, will trample you flat like a worm and sit on your ugly face.

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