BOSS taking all your bank savings

What supp bitches …BOSS is back with a mega fucking drain , no limits no mercy no rules. So the other night got a sock addicted uk slave …he was already a bit fucking intoxicated in poppers and some weed … but … BOSS knows how to make him more weak …so we start a game …under each sock was hide a nr of seconds (ex : how much to sniff 30 sec or 40)

5 times in a row this slut pick 40 sec sniff …at some point he wanted to jerk but he was not allow … not before he give Me his teamviewer …. so in 2 min BOSS takes control of his pc … block his desktop …and surprise …the fucker had the bank account open !

While he was sniffing like a animal ..

I go in his savings accounts …he had exactly 3045 Euro

So … I go to transactions put my iban and name all the data…and while the fucker was mindfucked and with no access

I PREESS THE SEND BUTTON … BOOM one click and fuck his all savings …left the fag account with 5 euro !

ahahahah imagine the surprise he will have the next day …when he will be sober… Another mega drain in My CV ..fucking love it when the fag account is ZERO !

each day new spontaneuos drains FUCKING LOVE IT !

see u soon bitches ! BOSS the BEST !”

1290 photos and 50 videos on #mastertim as well

Draining live in Germany

“ Last week BOSS was in Germany ..

total success like always …

nothing better than live fresh cash at MY feet …

got a good time …

fucking putting some slaves on their place …

plus using a slave as ATM for My shopping …

a real butler service 24/7 .. good restaurants …

visit some yacht presentation …

and the funny story the fag nr1LOSER call

Me on skype while I was there betwen the boats …

and I didn’t fucking resist not to public drain him ….

was to fun …always good to visit Germany …

BOSS POWER keep serving bitches !”

skype= masterstero

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47 videos

61 minutes running time

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Hard punishment for Nr.1 Loser

“ One thing is clear for all fags ! they must be punished with no mercy . Again the nr 1 Loser has the fucking luck to be traped on a fucking master /slave game ! this bitch loser was traped home … had work …but once he said HELLO … his chances to be drained go from 1 to 100 .So what u see in the photo that is the fucking HANG-FAG position . fag is hang from neck to the ballz … each time he pay he must pull the tie and stretch his ballz ! But the game was like this …. lets expose this photo on some sites and pay 2 euro for each fucking like on the photo .. so 4 hours the loser sit in that position no wc , no eat no drink … sit like a pice of shit and suffer ! 40 likes the photo got at the end of 4 h …loser was cashraped ..paid for his humialtion and remain more loser like he start it ! NO MERCY no remorse ! just humiliation and drain to ZERO .. fuck yes ..ahah”