What-sup faggots …
BOSS is back …new year new fucking targets …
of course year start with MY B DAY on 13 jan …
so move your fucking asses and suprisse ME !
This year I want all MY loyal bitches to be more loyal
more devoted more motivated …
MY power must grow all the time !
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Bo$$ in Greece

Hey Footfags,

Boss relaxing on beach and in the sun,

Greece Trip paid by my loyal #cashpig

Relaxing in the sun, drinking good cocktails

and met a local slave here, he begged to

kiss my sweaty feet + to put my nike socks in his mouth

haha he was so devot and paid me 200 Euro for this privelege

Be back soon to #cashrape you more on webcam so be ready

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“ Just invent a new punishment for a fag is call “ DAMAGE WEEK “

each fucking day during a week will drain when I want at any hour ….fag must be ready and execute the order !

day by day during a week he will suffer more and more and his wallet will spit more cash for BO$$ … no mercy no fucking remorse ! make him suffer like a pice of shit loser and used like a broke ATM tool !“

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