What sup Losers …..

BO$$ is back with a fucking old fashion big drain …..

got this fucking loser fag the other night …

begging to bet with BOSS … .

Big fucking mistake .. we pick a card game …

(3 cards with amounts under them and one JOKER ) …

his only escape is if he hit that fucking JOCKER …

First game was fast the loser hit the 100 $ card …

and boom I collect ..

then he start to be more sure of him and he beg to hit it again …

and boom 200 $ still for BOSS … ahahahah

Fucking love this game …easy cash in MY wallet …6 rounds

I drain the shit of the fag and left him ZERO …

send him to work more and rebuild the cash

so I CAN TAKE AGAIN ! BOSS POWER fuck u losers …

keep it real !

Bo$$ will be in Germany 28. March- 4. April 2018


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drained to zero by Me

12 new fags been drained to zero by Me … Special the american nigga slut and the german Leatherfag, cam shows and realtime contact me with wallet open:

skype: masterstero

Haha and recently made a bet, a slave begged me to sit on his face instead of the football

He promised to resist 5 minutes while I watch champions league on TV, if he gives up before

it cost this loser 300 Euro, guess who won, haha 2 minutes and 300 Euro for Boss!!!

not for get to vote for me #footkingspoll

and look at my new shoes, slaved paid as well!!!